Educational Opportunities Program

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Students are identified as Educational Opportunities Program recipients by the Office of Admissions and are eligible for academic services and counseling support. OMSA assigns a Graduate Counselor to EOP students and provides the students with these services.

Students in EOP, along with many other students, receive financial support from federal loans and grants, other awards, and University tuition waivers. They also contribute toward their expenses through family contributions, summer and parttime employment and personal loans.

Through the Educational Opportunities Program, the University is attempting to: admit students who otherwise might not be able to undertake a college-level program at a major educational institution and assist them in completing a baccalaureate degree; increase the number of students from ethnic minority groups underrepresented on campus; develop educational programs and policies, both academic and administrative, that will assist and support students in the program and that often benefit all students; provide students not in the program with the vital cultural and social experience of meeting, living with, and learning from students from other cultures; increase ethnic diversity on campus; provide and disseminate informationto other educational institutions and agencies that will increase their ability to deal with educational and sociological issues of students from nontraditional backgrounds; and provide information on securing financial aid, student employment and postgraduate opportunities to program participants.

Supportive services are offered to EOP students to meet a wide range of needs, including:

  • extensive academic advising, taking into consideration students' past educational achievements, test results, abilities and interests
  • assistance with reading, study skills and writing
  • proactive tutoring to help students effectively approach and master subject content
  • specially trained staff to provide academic, social, personal, financial and career assistance and general counseling
  • precollege orientations to help students gain a greater awareness of the programs and services available at the University, and especially those offered by OMSA