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Frequently Asked Questions

Location & Facilities

I can't find you. I'm at the main OMSA office

We are NOT at the OMSA Main Office in Turner Student Services Building (610 E John St). Please see our map.

In can't find you. Are you in the apartment building?

Although we share an address, you cannot access our center through the apartment building entrance. Our entrance is around the corner from Merry Ann's Diner at the back of the building. Please see our map.

Where is the OMSA Academic Services Center?

The OMSA Academic Services Center (OMSA-ASC) is located at 1103 W. Oregon St., Suite E in the back of the building. Please see our map.

What are you hours?

Our building hours are 9 am-8 pm Monday through Thursday and 9 am-5 pm Friday whenever fall and spring semester classes are in session.

Actual tutoring hours vary by semester. Please check for our current availabilities. Please see our login instructions.

Do you offer off-site or online tutoring?

We are unable to offer off-site or online tutoring. All tutoring, including any make-up sessions scheduled at your tutor's discretion, must take place in person at the OMSA Academic Services Center during our open hours (9 am-8 pm Monday thru Thursday, 9 am-5 pm Friday).

Is your center accessible?

If you have questions regarding our center's accessibility or need disability-related accommodations in order to participate in tutoring, please email us at prior to your first visit. We will be best able to serve you if we are informed of your needs ahead of time.

Services Offered

Who can attend tutoring at the OMSA Academic Services Center?

The OMSA Academic Services Center (OMSA-ASC) is open to all UIUC undergraduate students.

What services does the OMSA-ASC offer?

We offer:

  • Matched Tutoring – weekly, reoccuring appointments for a specific class
  • Drop-in Tuturing – tutoring that can be used on an as-needed basis. Offered only for math, chemistry (with some MCB/IB), and physics
  • Academic Skills Consultations – one time appointments focused on the student's individual needs for Time Management, Lecture Note-Taking, Textbook Study, or Test Preparation Strategies
  • Structured Study Groups
  • Supplemental InstructionTM – specialized, weekly group tutoring*
  • Final Exam Review Sessions – open, walk-in sessions offered before finals led by the tutors for those courses
  • Workshops upon Request

* For select courses only. Students in courses for which we offer SI will receive an email on how to sign up