The OMSA Academic Services Center offers a wide array of workshops and consultations for various academic skills. Check out all we have to offer!

Academic Skills Consultations


Advanced study skills instruction is available to further ensure academic success for all OMSA students. Even though most UI students have been successful in their high school courses, being competitive and successful at the University requires a different set of study skills and academic habits.

Consultations via TutorTrac™

  • Text study strategies
  • Time management
  • Lecture note-taking techniques
  • Test-taking strategies (for both essay exams and multiple choice exams)
  • Only available during Fall and Spring semesters



The Office of Minority Student Affairs' Academic Services Center is pleased to offer online workshops through StudentLingo. StudentLingo offers 48 interactive online Student Success workshops that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. StudentLingo offers interactive workshops on a variety of topics; chiefly, personal, academic, and career. Workshops offer proof of completion.

Instructions for accessing StudentLingo

  • Access StudentLingo by entering  to an internet browser
  • Create a new user account by entering your Illinois student netid and password; Type in UIN; Select College and click Register
  • Next, select a workshop from the library, then click on the desired video
  • You can access the workshops on your mobile device, laptop, or computer and following the registration instructions
  • Radio button indicating Log into StudentLingo