TRIO Upward Bound College Prep Academy

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The TRIO Upward Bound College Prep Academy works to increase minority student enrollment at universities across the country by providing high school students with encouragement, support and the academic requirements and skills necessary to compete at a major academic institution.

One of the longest-running federally funded programs in the country, OMSA's Upward Bound serves approximately 80 local high school students each year. Students receive counseling and assistance with college prep courses throughout the academic year and during the summer. During the intensified summer component that includes courses in reading, writing, mathematics, languages and science, they also are provided with room and board Monday though Friday on the University of Illinois campus.

The program also benefits UI students who have the opportunity to serve as instructors, tutors, counselors and mentors for Upward Bound participants.

OMSA's Upward Bound program has an outstanding record of success, having placed an average of more than 90 percent of its graduates at major universities.

Created at Illinois in 1966, the Upward Bound program is one component of the federal initiative known as TRIO programs. The Upward Bound program is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education and through state and private funds.

For more information, please contact TRIO Upward Bound College Prep Academy at (217) 333-1889 or